An ex-cancer patient who rides a full Grand Tour, one day before the pro men.
Impossible. In theory.
Because what do you do when your professional coach says it could be done, and your oncologist says you can try it.
You try, right?

The aim is to ride the maximum number of kilometers of each stage in France this summer, in a medically responsible manner.
Champagne in Paris is the dream.

Starting Friday June 30, we will cycle 21 stages across France: always the same ride as the pro men ride the day after. On Saturday 22 July we will -hopefully- arrive in Paris.

Together with her team, Goedele will try to cover as many kilometres as possible, with two main goals:
1. Raising awareness: sport is so important, for everyone!
2. Raising money, to create a new sports project in 2024 for
young adults with cancer.

Will you help too?


Donate 40 euros

  • Support Warriors Against Cancer and make a donation of €40

Donate 100 euros

  • Support Warriors Against Cancer and make a donation of €100


  • Order your own Queen Stage tshirt via "The Vandal"

Thank you to everyone who has already supported us!

• With our support, Warriors against cancer will start a new sport in 2024
project for young cancer patients (18-35 years).

• Part of the fundraising goes directly to Think Pink Belgium.

We stand for 100% transparency.

All project costs are borne by our partners, so the fundraising goes directly and 100% to our charities.
Regular exercise is the best thing you can do for your health! Whether that's 2 km walking, 500 m swimming, 300 km cycling, or...: exercising and moving at your own pace is winning!

Will you join us during the Tour? In this club we log how often together we cover the total Tour distance (3,404km) on the days that Goedele cycles!